Past Shows

April 17th through May 1st.

DE – –

Bret Schneider

Opening reception, April 17th, 6pm to 10pm.


Jacob Goudreault and Carmen Price,

With Special Guests, Billy Kang, C.J. Matherne, and Tyson Reeder

March 6th- March 20th.

Click HERE to view documentation.

Gracen Brilmyer: To Come From January 30th – February 13th.

Based on the artist’s time spent while living in Sweden, Gracen Brilmyer’s latest show, “To Come from” is a site-specific body of work that sifts through memories while living abroad. Working intuitively within self imposed time constraints, Brilmyer embraces the unique possibilities and foibles inherent within the printmaking process.  Creating layers by printing over original drawings, paintings and other prints, the final pieces reference both reality and characters form the artist’s own imagined narratives. Drawing influence from traditional comic books, the passage of time is depicted as multiple points within a single panel.

Click HERE to view the animation.

Click HERE to view documentation.

Sarah Elliott: FRIDAY December 4th 6-10pm.

Sarah Elliott presents:
Elastic strategies for making vertical moves on a horizontal trajectory and horizontal moves on a vertical trajectory

December 4th, 6-10pm.

Click HERE for documentation.

Elastic strategies for making vertical moves on a horizontal trajectory and horizontal moves on a vertical trajectory

“Perhaps the immobility of the things that surround us is forced upon them by our conviction that they are themselves, and not anything else, and by the immobility of our conceptions of them. “
Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”
Groucho Marx

Elastic strategies for making vertical moves on a horizontal trajectory and horizontal moves on a vertical trajectory is a model for discourse.

Elastic strategies for making vertical moves on a horizontal trajectory and horizontal moves on a vertical trajectory is also an event and the resulting exhibition at Knock Knock Gallery. This event will take place on on the evening of December 4th, 2009 and will include the reworking/rearranging/remaking of an installation over the course of that evening.

The installation is a collection of things arrived at through considering stairways, landings, living rooms and entrance ways, which Knock Knock Gallery is made up of.

Jorge Mujica: “Going to Work” Oct 17-31

going to work frontgoing to work back

Click HERE to view installation shots.

A walk-through video of the installation.

September 19th – October 3rd

CLICK HERE for documentation.

Opening Reception: September 19th, 6pm to 10pm.


see more glass

See More Glass: The End As The Beginning is the footing for a larger body of work that can be described as an abstracted organizational structure for the visual components of language and passage. Focusing specifically on metaphors and imagery surrounding the confounded Seymour Glass, the eldest sibling of the J.D. Salinger’s infamous Glass Family, this installation is an assemblage of texts, drawings, and prints on paper. Employing color and shape, a diagrammatic representation features both character and setting development to emphasize the importance of not only reading, but seeing through the lines.


Erin Gigl and Meghan Dowd


all that rises web

All That Rises
Erin Gigl & Meghan Dowd

All That Rises explores the precarious state of inter-personal relationships. Domesticity breeds the habit of consumption and manufactures roles that we that then take on as “identity”. Erin Gigl and Meghan Dowd have created work that is meant to confront this ever-changing presentation of ourselves according to outside expectation and acceptance

July 25 through August 8th:

Michael Hunter and Paul Cowan

New Work by Michael Hunter / Paul Cowan

July 25 through August 8th

Opening Reception: July 25, 2009 – 6-10 PM
Knock Knock Gallery, Chicago IL

“A novice painter asked his teacher, “When should I consider my painting finished?” And the teacher answered, “When you can look at it in amazement and say to yourself ‘I’m the one who did that!’ “  – Sartre

“I think a poor life is lived by any one who doesn’t regularly take time out to stand and gaze, or sit and listen, or touch, or smell, or brood, without any further end in mind, simply for the satisfaction gotten from that which is gazed at, listened to, touched, smelled, or brooded upon.”  – Clement Greenberg

How does one successfully create something? And when does this ’success’ reach it’s explanation, having become un-stimulating, boring, or vague.  Here we use painting as a device, a gesture. This gesture results in an object that is product of the duration or end of a specific process.  It exists as a tool to instigate interest rather than to explain.  Here, to reduce the object to an explanation, limits it’s potential to stimulate the viewer on alternate planes.

We seem to assume the roles of the painter, allowing our work to exist within the context of painting, concerned with ideas of abstraction and representation, surface and application, and working in, on, or within the picture plane.  Our work is highly aware of its role as a two dimensional object, interested in maintaining an integrity to this plane. We choose to not work in, but rather on and within this plane, ultimately allowing the medium to exist ‘in’ as well.  We construct and appropriate color and not values, simple application and not form, compositional tactics concerned with the pictures edge and not perspectives within. Understanding this ‘flatness’ we have created is what will create the aesthetic successes and joys in our work.  Appropriating and addressing materials, devices, ideas, and tactics commonly used, these tropes allow the work to be enjoyed without constraints, using their familiarity as a way of entry. There is no looking through any of these works, only at them.

APRIL 18th:

Tim Ridlen: “I Don’t Want Rude Boy Clash Film”

CLICK HERE to view documentation.


January 24th- February 7th:

Robert Andrade: Archetypes and Ratios.

CLICK HERE for documentation.


November 22-29:
3Way: Karen Azarnia, Brooke Barnett, Corinne Halbert.
October 25th:

Knock Knock Gallery’s Spooky Group Show and Halloween Party!

Work by:

Chris Powers


Trent Smith

Tamia Anaya and Samuel Davis

Justin Swinburne and Jacob Gudroe

Harley David Young

September 20th to 27th:

Tamia Anaya and Samuel Davis

CLICK HERE to view documentation.

Sat. June 14 – June 28:

Matthew Nicholas and Eric Warner.

May 24th – May 31st

Opening Reception: May 24th 6-10pm.

Click Here to view Sick Days/Cool Dad documentation.

Sat. April 12 – Sat. April 26 2008:

Noah Furman and J T Rogstad:

Goodnight, Moon


Opening reception Saturday April 12 6-10 pm.

Goodnight, Moon is a two-person show featuring the work of two artists who studied together at Colorado College, later living and practicing in Chicago.

Noah Furman works in the vein of generative drawings based upon a vocabulary of culturally derived images and icons: “Totems, Golems, Pictures, Prayers, Dwellings, Graves, Mounds, Piles”. Stylistically molding them into forms and shapes, generally juxtaposed with a phrase, words or sentences, generated by the artist from the image. For Goodnight, Moon Noah will be constructing and installing found-object sculptures made with the same fundamental process as his images. In addition will be a large generative drawing made in and on the space itself. Part of the show is a publication of drawings put together by a collegue Robert Snowden and the artist himself – they will be distributed in different locations around the city including in various newspaper dispensers. This is the first in a series of printed publications of various artists’ works, curated by Robert. He is eager to collaborate with other visual artists and put together further issues of this sort. The publication is meant to raise questions of authorship and act as a curated collection of drawings.

J.T. Rogstad pursues a predominately visceral mode of work, using a wide range of material. Incorporating appropriated imagery in a much different way than Furman, Rogstad utilizes the inherent mood of an object or image, film segment or color as the catalyst for content. In the artist’s own words, he is intrigued by “the (possibility of the) overlap of a stupidly overt/blatant kind of residue of violence with the seething or vaguely menacing vibration of the unrealized potential for violence, or harm, or mystery. For this relationship I’ve tried to give the one a plastic, decorative quality and exaggerate the repressed freneticism of the other. I personally imagine this confrontation as a primitive fable or a cinematic fairytale. At the very least, and as with most of my work, I hope that it would have appealed to me as a child.”

CLICK HERE for documentation of Noah Furman and J.T. Rogstad’s Goodnight, Moon.

CLICK HERE to view a pdf version of the inaugural edition of the artist zine Spring Break that debuted as a part of the opening for Goodnight, Moon.

Sat. March 8th- Sat. March 22nd 2008:

John Henderson and Justin Swinburne,


Seven Strong For Guessing :

Henderson and Swinburne’s collaborations tastefully
engage ideas pertaining to the coding of meaning,
mediated experience, the intoxicating influence of prior knowledge and
an indefinite commitment to ambiguity’s concrete character.
“Seven Strong for Guessing” represents a culmination of an
intellectual and educational collaboration that has gone on for
several years between the two artists and is one of poignant
self-reflexivity and self-examination.

Opening reception Saturday March 8th, 6-10pm.
Closing reception Saturday March 22nd, 6-10pm.




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