3/27-9 KKG @ Links Hall

Knock Knock Gallery is going to be a participant in the Treasure Hunt festival at links hall.

The fourth week of March Knock Knock Gallery will be moving to Links hall. We will be sharing the space with Improv troupe Big Dog Eat Child, and humor-vibing with them: presented will be recreations of two humor based performance/ installations done at Knock Knock Gallery, as they were experienced in the space. The Baby, a performance where the audience watches what was happening in the gallery via a TV and wireless surveillance cameras, evokes the tropes of a sitcom, or a comically noisy neighbor. Referencing it’s original installation, the video documentation of this performance will be playing on a TV, in a small installation located in the back-left corner of the space. Sick Days/ Cool Dad, in all its adolescent, basement hang-out glory, will be recreated in and around the risers. Along the walls surrounding the risers, a photo-essay style presentation of the performance and the installation will be hung. In a direct re-creation of an aspect of the installation, balloons clad with sarcastically self-congratulatory quips will be taped to the ceiling above the risers, as if floating against the ceiling of a park and rec. hockey party.

Come check it out, the festival on the whole is going to be great, and show your love for Knock Knock!


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