Opening April 12:


Goodnight, Moon

Noah Furman and J.T. Rogstad

April 12 – 26

Opening Reception April 12 6-10 pm.

Goodnight, Moon is a two-person show featuring the work of two artists who studied together at Colorado College, later living and practicing in Chicago.

Noah Furman works in the vein of generative drawings based upon a vocabulary of culturally derived images and icons: “Totems, Golems, Pictures, Prayers, Dwellings, Graves, Mounds, Piles”. Stylistically molding them into forms and shapes, generally juxtaposed with a phrase, words or sentences, generated by the artist from the image. For Goodnight, Moon Noah will be constructing and installing found-object sculptures made with the same fundamental process as his images. In addition will be a large generative drawing made in and on the space itself. Part of the  show is  a  publication of drawings put together by a collegue Robert Snowden and the artist himself – they will be distributed in different locations around the city including in various newspaper dispensers. This is the first in a series of printed publications of various artists’ works, curated by Robert. He is eager to collaborate with other visual artists and put together further issues of this sort. The publication is meant to raise questions of authorship and act as a curated collection of drawings.

J.T. Rogstad pursues a predominately visceral mode of work, using a wide range of material. Incorporating appropriated imagery in a much different way than Furman, Rogstad utilizes the inherent mood of an object or image, film segment or color as the catalyst for content. In the artist’s own words, he is intrigued by “the (possibility of the) overlap of a stupidly overt/blatant kind of residue of violence with the seething or vaguely menacing vibration of the unrealized potential for violence, or harm, or mystery. For this relationship I’ve tried to give the one a plastic, decorative quality and exaggerate the repressed freneticism of the other. I personally imagine this confrontation as a primitive fable or a cinematic fairytale. At the very least, and as with most of my work, I hope that it would have appealed to me as a child.”

Check the “Artists” tab on the website to see examples of the artists’ work.

Hope to see you all there, refreshments will be provided and cook-outing will prelude the opening. Feel free to stop by!



3 responses to “Opening April 12:

  1. I guess that title is kind of lame.

  2. Not so lame, evoking the wildness of childhood and the curious visual and linguistic structures we devise to capture and contain it–that is to say, the children’s book. A nice balance to the nonbiotic moon landscape depicted with the show’s title. The drawings are impressive, and I wish you would post more of your paintings–a number of my favorites are not represented here.

  3. Btw, all artwork is 50% off for thoughtful, complimentary moms.

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